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Unclassy Aussie Therapeutic Comedy!


“If laughter is the best medicine, Best Medicine just might cure heart disease or scoliosis, it certainly helped with my prolapsed anus”

Dana Slutski

Product Tester, Huge Dildo's Inc.

Coming 2021!
A book for non-readers


When was the last time you finished a novel, let alone a movie? Social Media has left us with the attention span of a fish. The Best Medicine one-sitting books will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something without having to dedicate two-hours a night for the next month to finish that novel by john Grisham you thought you’d like.

Each page is a story unto itself. A tasty little treat on every page!

The best medicine book is designed to be read in a single sitting without the pressure of further commitment. Your busy, I’m busy. Who reads anymore. Re-read them, pass them on, put them on the coffee table to offer guest during awkward silences. But the number one reason to read these books is to have a giggle and forget about the shit-show that is the world.

DISCLAIMER  – All characters in best medicine books are fictional. The ideas and concepts contained within are not based on the values and principles of the author but are what he finds amusing. Which is generally the opposite of what you’d consider normal, polite or optimal behaviour or beliefs. This style is used to create tension in the reader’s mind and amusement as they unravel the irony. The goal is to cause happiness, not to make people feel bad about themselves or bad for others.

The time for laughter is now!


“I know modern life has left you troubled and unfulfilled. Life has worn you down. Your list of worries is long. If it’s not your penis size, it’s your lack of self-control around a buffet table. I get it.

Take a leaf out of the existentialist philosopher’s pages and start laughing at the absurdity of it all. It’s what I do and I’m fine, even though I have a lump on my back and a little penis.

Take a lesson or two from me, Bushman Browne. Watch my videos for tips and tricks and for God’s sake stop taking things so seriously, have a laugh and enjoy the ride.”      

Bushman Browne

Bushman Browne
Bushman Browne

Comedic Shaman

Bushman was born with a lump on his back. The lump was his malformed brother Darryl. Darryl was removed in 1984 and now resides in a jar of formaldehyde kept in pride of place on Bushman’s “happy” shelf between a model of a B-52 bomber he painted himself and the skull-bone of a crow he found at the cemetery… About Bushman.

It’s not the funny one’s taking the piss that cause all the trouble. It’s the serious one’s that never learned how to laugh, especially at themselves.

Hans Gruber

Best Medicine Brand

 Unclassy Aussie Comedy!

Bushman incorporates a broad range of comedy into his comedic healing practices. 

Toilet humor, specialising in fart jokes!

.There was a time when toilet humour was the realm of 14-year-old boys. These days everyone can enjoy fart jokes. Bushman pushes the limits of the genre and takes it to places unexplored by mainstream comedians.

Jokes involving sex and sexual innuendo.

Just because you find perversions interesting and funny, doesn’t make you a pervert. Bushman pushes the limits of the genre and takes it to places unexplored by mainstream comedians.

Pointing out peoples weaknesses and flaws.

Everyone has a weak point, Bushman finds the weak point and bends it until it almost breaks. Then he breaks it, and then he rubs salt on it. Bushman pushes the limits of what he calls bullying for laughs and takes it to places unexplored by mainstream comedians.

Illness & Death.

Illness and death were once taboo topics, mainly because they make people sad. Bushman pushes the limits of this genre and takes it to places unexplored by mainstream comedians.

Absurdities & Extremes.

Isn’t it funny when you think of an elephant riding a chicken? Bushman pushes the limits of the genre and takes it to places unexplored by mainstream comedians.

People who need to be taken down a peg!

Ricky not only likes laughing at people just for fun. He also makes laughs about those who think they are above ridicule. Bushman pushes the limits of the genre and takes it to places unexplored by mainstream comedians.


In 2021 Bushman will be releasing a video a funny every week to YouTube. On top of that Bushman will be releasing two books and a couple of albums on BandCamp for Best Medicine fans.

Videos Made

Unrealeased BOOKS

Album in the works

Lump on his back!


Healing the unwashed masses!

“I’ve been on the best medicine path for three months now and I’ve got to say I’ve learnt to be a more loving person and I’ve stopped setting kittens on fire.”

Bruce Bruceesson

Unemployed, Penrith NSW

“I’ve stopped trying to hide my flatulence problem from my friends and now just
let-em rip. Farts are fun!”

Becky Bifocal-Smith

SJW, Paddington, Sydney NSW

“I had crippling shame because I got an egg beater stuck up my arse and had to have it removed. I can laugh about it now, thanks to bushman.”

Peter Jason-Frank

Tech Support, Melbourne NSW

“I used to worry that nobody loved me. Now I realise it’s fun to be alone. “

Bushman Browne

Comedic Shaman, Dubbo NSW

Privacy Policy: Bushman is a vault! Your myriad of secrets are safe with him. His former best friend once wacked-off a goat while on crystal meth. Ricky has never mentioned this to anyone despite the fact that it’s a pretty interesting piece of gossip.

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