Best Medicine Books

The best medicine books are designed to be read in a single sitting without the pressure of further commitment. Your busy, I’m busy. Who reads anymore. Re-read them, pass them on, put them on the coffee table to offer guests during awkward silences. But the number one reason to read these books is to have a giggle and forget about the shit-show that is the world.

Each page is a story unto itself. A tasty little treat on every page!

DISCLAIMER: All characters in best medicine books are fictional. The ideas and concepts contained within are not based on the values and principles of the author but are what he finds amusing. Which is generally the opposite of what you’d consider normal, polite or optimal behaviour or beliefs. This style is used to create tension in the reader’s mind and amusement as they unravel the irony. The goal is to cause happiness, not to make people feel bad about themselves or bad for others.