Bushman Browne

Bushman was born Richardo Ferdinand Ballzak Browne the third on the 25th of September 1969. He was the son of a meat carter, which is someone who carts meat from one place to another and a housewife which is someone who raises the kids and does cooking and cleaning. Bushman was born with a lump on his back. The lump was his malformed brother Darryl. Darryl was removed in 1984 and now resides in a jar of formaldehyde kept in pride of place on Bushman’s “happy” shelf between a model of a B-52 bomber he painted himself and the skull-bone of a crow he found at the cemetery.

In bushmans early years he would go missing for days, only to return with a range of native meats, including echidna, goanna and koala. He did this as a way of emulating his two heroes, his Dad who moved meat around and Harry Butler, a famous bushman he watched on TV. After going missing the second and third time he was given the nickname Bushman and he was given the opportunity to take off into the bush on a Friday afternoon as long as he returned Sunday night, and that he attended school during the week.

Bushman didn’t go much on fancy book learning. his talents lay in his ability to replicate bird calls and catch all types of creatures for his mum to cook during the week.

Bushmans parents died when he was 11 while driving home drunk from a night out in town. He was to be taken to live with his Nan, but chose to run off into the bush only to return as an adult.

Bushman lives a reclusive lifestyle with no friends and no contact with relatives and was almost forgotten about by society until he started posting videos in 2019.

Bushman never had time for being funny, but he said that he had discovered a new species of spider and started eating them to see what happened and found himself laughing uncontrollably at the mundanity¬†of life. It was then he brought his first mobile phone which connected him to the web and more specifically YouTube, which he now uses to make funny videos when he’s not skinning possums.